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Two models of Micro-Epsilon pyrometers are available:

model CTVM-3LSF-C3 CTVM-3H2SF-C3
temperature range 50-400 °C 200-1500 °C
spot size (~350 mm distant) 6 mm 1.5 mm

sample sample holder type T×E range
Cu(111) Crystals 0.01-0.03
Ir(100) Crystals 0.05-0.07
Pd(111) Crystals 0.06-0.09
Si(111) Silicon wafer 0.3-0.5
Si(119) Pocket with clamps 0.2-0.3
Ta foil Pocket with clamps 0.2-0.3
Au foil Sapphire plates 0.1-0.2
Pd(111) STM type 0.05-0.1
Install the desired pyrometer rigidly (e.g. using Bosch profiles) near a suitable vacuum viewport, pointing it towards the sample surface. Connect the correct blue cable to the pyrometer and then the respective USB cable to the computer MSB-STATION. We also recommend to switch off the ionization (hot cathode) gauge; LED lights do not matter. Start the software CompactConnect and let it pair with the pyrometer. Remove the protective cap. For mechanical alignment use the integrated video camera and/or the laser cross (Video and/or Laser buttons in the software, respectively). There is a mechanical rotary knob to adjust the camera focus.

Emissivity E and transmissivity T can be adjusted using Setup and Emiss. buttons in the software, both have the allowed range 0.1-1.1. Therefore, their product T×E determining the temperature reading accuracy is adjustable in the range 0.01-1.21. Our tests gave T×E values as listed in the table on the left.

If you want to calibrate the pyrometer using the information from the thermocouple touching your sample be aware that the thermocouple may show lower temperature than the real one is, depending on the quality of the thermal contact. Therefore, spot-weld the thermocouple directly to the sample if possible.

At the end of your work do not forget to cover the pyrometer optics again, close the software and disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

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