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Other equipment

In this page we list other equipment of our laboratory which is available for users but not permanently connected netiher to the beamline nor the end station.

DC power supplies

For annealing of samples and evaporators following DC power supplies are available. All of them have independent setting of voltage and current limits.

model Xantrex XKW 60-18 Xantrex XKW20-50 Sorensen DCS20-50 FuG MCP350-2000 EA PS2342-06B EA PS2042-06B
maximum voltage 60 V 20 V 20 V 2000 V 2×42 V 42 V
maximum current 18 A 50 A 50 A 150 mA 2×6 A 6 A
  manual manual manual manual manual manual


Keithley 6485 with analog output that can be connected to the A/D converter card and displayd by Mesh Monitor.

(manual )

Turbopumping stations

For cleaning the gas inlet system upon gas exchange, pumping of exchangeable evaporators or other user equipment, testing evaporators offline etc. two turbopumping stations (containig turbopump and membrane pump) can be used:

  or browse parameters
  together with edit parameter and confirm
  002: standby (slow speed) on/off
  309: actual rotation speed
  340: pressure

Manual venting valve.
Pirani gauge.
(manuals station turbo membrane gauge controller )

On wheels.
  or browse parameters
  together with edit parameter and confirm
  001: heating on/off
  002: standby (slow speed) on/off
  309: actual rotation speed

Automatic venting when at ½ of nominal speed.
(manuals station turbo membrane controller )

Full range gauge.

  (manuals sensor controller )

Glove bag and nitrogen gas line

Glove bag can be installed on the load lock. Filling it with nitrogen from the gas line can avoid exposing surfaces of sensitive samples to air during insertion or removal. Moreover, other operations like electrochemical treatment or drop deposition from solutions on the sample can be performed in the glove bag. The nitrogen gas comes from the boil-off of the main liquid nitrogen tanks (99.9995%, impurity level about 5 ppm) at Elettra. We expect that the gas is extremely pure regarding condensible gases (water, oil vapour etc.) but the purity when it is delivered at the beamline is unknown. Our view is that most of the impurities in the gas phase of the glove bag come from the plastics, and the handling, not from the purge gas.

Nitrogen gas line is also used for venting load lock or other chambers.


Two models of Micro-Epsilon pyrometers are available:

model CTVM-3LSF-C3 CTVM-3H2SF-C3
temperature range 50-400 °C 200-1500 °C
spot size (~350 mm distant) 6 mm 1.5 mm

sample sample holder type T×E range
Cu(111) Crystals 0.01-0.03
Ir(100) Crystals 0.05-0.07
Pd(111) Crystals 0.06-0.09
Si(111) Silicon wafer 0.3-0.5
Si(119) Pocket with clamps 0.2-0.3
Ta foil Pocket with clamps 0.2-0.3
Au foil Sapphire plates 0.1-0.2
Pd(111) STM type 0.05-0.1
Install the desired pyrometer rigidly (e.g. using Bosch profiles) near a suitable vacuum viewport, pointing it towards the sample surface. Connect the correct blue cable to the pyrometer and then the respective USB cable to the computer MSB-STATION. We also recommend to switch off the ionization (hot cathode) gauge; LED lights do not matter. Start the software CompactConnect and let it pair with the pyrometer. Remove the protective cap. For mechanical alignment use the integrated video camera and/or the laser cross (Video and/or Laser buttons in the software, respectively). There is a mechanical rotary knob to adjust the camera focus.

Emissivity E and transmissivity T can be adjusted using Setup and Emiss. buttons in the software, both have the allowed range 0.1-1.1. Therefore, their product T×E determining the temperature reading accuracy is adjustable in the range 0.01-1.21. Our tests gave T×E values as listed in the table on the left.

If you want to calibrate the pyrometer using the information from the thermocouple touching your sample be aware that the thermocouple may show lower temperature than the real one is, depending on the quality of the thermal contact. Therefore, spot-weld the thermocouple directly to the sample if possible.

At the end of your work do not forget to cover the pyrometer optics again, close the software and disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

product website             manuals : pyrometers, software

UV lamp

UVP Pen-Ray 90-0004-01 (3SC-9) with PS-4 power supply.

The lamp can be used for cleaning the samples from carbon, by exposing them to ozone in air.

Water cooling circuit (supplied by Elettra)

Demineralized water. For cooling of evaporators, quartz crystal microbalance and other user equipment.


  1. Inlet (open fully).
  2. Outlet (open slightly to reach 1.5 bar).


  1. Outlet (close fully).
  2. Inlet (close fully).

Independent chiller

Used for X-ray source cooling.


Weldman 10
Output 2.7 V, 800 A max

Range 1 - short pulse, range 2 - longer pulse
(manual )


KERN PCB 100-3
Minimum 5 mg
Maximum 100 g
Resolution 1 mg

(manual )

Chemical lab

The information about the chemical lab offering also an oven, supersonic bath, hood and other equipment can be found on the webpage of the Elettra support lab. Users must request the access to the chemical lab in VUO (Requests for Elettra Laboratories and Services - Support Lab services requests) and pass a short training.

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