Electron analyzer connection

Generally, it should help disconnecting and closing all software (SpecsLab2, KolXPD, Kleopatra, MeshMonitor) on MSB-STATION and MSB-MASTER computers, switching off the power supplies of the analyzer and detector, restarting both computers, switching on the power supplies and reopening the software. However, for most of the errors a more simple solution exists.

SpecsLab2 error messages

error CORBA

This error appers when Kleopatra does not reply to SpecsLab2 concerning the status of the monochromator within 120 s of time. The solution is to Disconnect, close, reopen and Connect Kleopatra. After this the communication must be reset in SpecsLab2 using Analyzer - Settings... - Sources - Method:UPS - Server:AMC-monochromator.- OK. (This setting is normally preserved but the error message reverts it to none.)

error FPGA

To resolve this error switch off the electronics of the analyzer optics and detector in the right experimental rack, wait few seconds, switch both back on and retry.

error Juggler

This error message appears when you try to connect SpecsLab2 to the analyzer electronics while it is still connected to KolXPD. Only one of the softwares can be conected to the analyzer electronics at each moment. So disconnect the analyzer in KolXPD and try to connect it in SpecsLab2. It might be necessary to restart the computer and the electronics after this error.

error busy

This happens if you try to start the acquisition immediately when the previous one finished. The analyzer needs few seconds to go standby. Comfim and retry.

error pressure

The pressure in the analysis chamber is too high (5×10-8 mbar on the cold cathode gauge 2) or problem with the gauge. Check the gauge status and pressure.

KolXPD error messages

error detector

Problem with the driver of the detector. Switch off the detector electronics (black box in the right experimental rack) and retry.


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