Mesh Monitor (MSB-MASTER)

In brief

This software acquires the data from the 8-channel A/D converter card (National Instruments PCI-6023E) installed in the MSB-MASTER computer. It displays the trend of the data in its graphical user interface and it forwards them to the Kleopatra software. We mostly use only channel 2 where the amplified photoelectric current from the gold mesh placed in the beam line is connected. The resulting number reflects the photon flux that serves for intensity calibration.

The reading is averaged over 1 second period. On the graph there are also tags on every photon energy change and the value averaged since the last tuning up to the following one. The displayed history is as long as selected by View last button. The graph can be also manipulated by mouse as following:
  • zoom by left-click dragging from top left to bottom right
  • unzoom by left-click dragging from right to left
  • pan by right-click dragging
For instructions see Photoemission with synchrotron radiation (EDC).

Further details

The A/D converter range is ± 10 V.

The channel 5 is usually used for reading the current measured by the Keithley picoampermeter that can be e.g. sample current during total-electron-yield NEXAFS or photodiode current for beamline calibration.

The software controls are as following:
subtract offset values defined in the .ini file
start acquision
stop acquisition
clear acquired values
save acquired values into an ASCII file
oscilloscope on the selected channel
show energy tags
show averaged value tags
show custom tags
start new averaging
stop averaging
add new custom tag

Commands for remote control are written in About/Help.
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