BCS (valve control) communication problem

You cannot operate the beamline electropneumatic valves because the BCS black webpage does not open and the BCS-dedicated Kleopatra section is grey.

Check (by opening any webpage inside and outside Elettra on the MSB-MASTER computer) that the network connection is ok. If not then the problem is not BCS.

In working days/hours call the BCS staff (Valentina Chenda, Roberto Borghes, Michele Turcinovich or Fulvio Bille`) and ask them to resolve the problem. At night or during the weekends or holidays the beamline staff will have to restart the BCS as following.

Usually only web (HTTP) interface is stuck so restart is as described bellow. If it does not help a complete BCS restart must be performed.

HTTP interface restart

  1. From the MSB-MASTER computer open the webpage
  2. Select the beamline 6.1 and click on Restart HTTP.

Complete BCS restart

The procedure is fully described in Italian in this manual.
  1. Ask the neighbouring SYRMEP beamline staff (if present) if it is ok for them to restart the BCS.
  2. Call the control room (the actual phone numbers are on the machine status webpage) and inform the operators that you will restart the BCS of the beamline 6.1.
  3. Pick up the 061 FE key (14) from the key keysafe distribution panel.
  4. Set 3 VACO (valve controllers) to LOCAL mode. Be very careful because in LOCAL mode all safety interlocks are disabled!
    • 1 in the MSB left beamline rack;
    • 2 in the front-end rack.
  5. Close manually the both front ends (2 VACO in the front-end rack; if open) in correct order: Shutter, Stopper, First, Second, Last!
  6. Proceed with the BCS restart from the lowest level. Try higher level only if the previous level does not resolve the problem.
    • Level 1: stop061, start061.
    • Level 2: reboot061, start061.
    • Level 3: reset the computer in the BCS rack, start061.
    • Level 4: switch off the computer in the BCS rack, switch off all 3 VACO, wait for several minutes, switch on all 3 VACO, switch on the computer in the BCS rack, start061.
  7. When everything is running switch all 3 VACO in REMOTE mode.
  8. Check that the problem is resolved.
  9. Return the key to the Keysafe distribution panel.
  10. Call the control room, tell the operator that the restart was successfully fnished and ask for opening the machine shutter of the beamline 6.1.
  11. Inform the SYRMEP beamline staff that you have restarted the BCS (by e-mail if nobody of them is present).
  12. Inform the BCS staff via VUO - Richieste di intervento IT that you have restarted the BCS.
Last Updated on Thursday, 09 March 2023 10:53