NanoESCA - PEEM instrument

The design includes a non-magnetic, electrostatic PEEM lens and a double-pass hemispherical analyser. Rapid PEEM survey imaging (< 50 nm resolution) can be used to locate features, whilst its lateral resolution in imaging ESCA of 650 nm in the laboratory and 150 nm at the Synchrotron are simply unique.

Principles of operation

With the PEEM column of the NanoESCA, two imaging modes are accessible: real space (a, left) and k-space (a, right). The double hemispherical design of the energy-lter leads to major improvements in the aberration correction (b).

Patented concept of NanoESCA

• IDEA aberration-corrected band pass energy filter

• Compensation of first analyser errors by second analyser allows large slits (1-2mm) and small pass energy

• No intermixing of spatial and energy information 

• Result: high transmission imaging energy analyser

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