Probing the electronic transmission across a buried metal/metal interface


We monitored the sp-quantum-well states of Ag films on Pt(111) by angle-resolved photoemission in order to examine the electron transmission across the Ag/Pt interface. 

P. Moras et al.Phys. Rev. B 82, 155427 (2010)

For thin layers up to 3.5 nm, the Ag states are characterized by broad quasiparticle peaks and a reversal of the parabolic curvature near the 

center of the surface Brillouin zone. Remarkable departures from the expected nearly-free-electronlike band dispersion persist in films of more than 14 nm thickness. First-principles calculations and symmetry analysis demonstrate that the observed anomalies in the spectroscopic data can be straightforwardly linked to variations in the Ag/Pt transmission coefficient in the energy-momentum space.


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