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VUV photoemission and its users

The beamline operate in time sharing with SpectroMicroscopy beamline, with 66,6% of time destinated for VUV, i.e. 130 days/year. 35 % of the beamtime is allocated to italian users, 35% is open to general users, and 30% for in-house research, tests, maintenance and commissioning. The average duration of an experiment at VUV is 7 days (21 shifts).
From 2000 to 2019 725 proposals were submitted to VUV photoemission, among them 547 as VUV first choice, and 259 of them were scheduled. In the same period the VUV users published 165 articles with mean impact factor of 3.6.

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Research fields

Research takes place in fields related to surface physics and chemistry, materials science, magnetism, and nanotechnology. Among our topics are graphene-based systems, 1D systems, quantum size effects in thin metal films, electronic structure and transport, magnetic materials, self-assembled molecular layers and many other.

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