Research at the VUV

Evidence of graphene-like electronic signature in silicene nanoribbons           

We report on the electronic properties of straight, 1.6 nm wide, silicene nanoribbons on Ag(110), arranged in a one-dimensional grating with a pitch of 2 nm, whose high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy images reveal a honeycomb geometry.



Enhanced spin relaxation in an ultrathin metal film by the Rashba-type surface

We measured the magnetoconductance of bare and √3×√3-Bi/Ag-terminated ultrathin Ag(111) films by the micro-four-point probe method as a function of the applied magnetic field. he experimental curves were analyzed by introducing the results of photoemission investigation and band-structure calculations into the Hikami-Larkin-Nagaoka formula, in order to derive the characteristic fields of the two systems.

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