XRD2 Info for Users

Before coming to Elettra

All the participants coming to Elettra have to:

1) Register on Elettra VUO (https://vuo.elettra.trieste.it/pls/vuo/guest.startup, "If you are a new user select this link")

2) Solve an online quiz, as a radioprotection training, accessible from your VUO account in the "Radiation Protection and Safety training for users" section

3) An "access request" is compulsory to be allowed on-site: fill the form available at the "Access requests to the laboratory (ONLY FOR USERS)" link

***** this is mandatory to obtain a Invitation letter from Elettra (for user needing a visa)! *****

4) Be listed on the active proposal and corresponding investigation (on site). This can be done by the person that created the project. After login in VUO and selecting the project an active link will allow to "add investigators" in the "Virtual Laboratory --> My investigations" section.

***** this will also allow you to access your data remotely! *****

Please note that we do not have a guesthouse  - User Office (through Travel Office) can help:


While filing out the proposal, you will need to know the rules if you request financial support. Financial support info:
Elettra will support the cost of shipping (dewar) for the Italian community but not the cost for travel. Please contact Users' Office or the beamline scientists to have more info.



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