XRD2 Specifications


Diffractometer Type Arinax Microdiffractometer MD2s
Circle Axis Omega - Phi - miniKappa (0-48 deg, for 22 mm sample holder length, Spine standard)
Linear Axis XYZ Alignment stage and XY Centering Table
Sphere of Confusion <2 µm
Sample Visualization On Axis Videomicroscope, with front and backlight
Beam defining aperture Motorized pentaperture: 20, 50, 75, 100, 150 um available
Beam diagnostics Motorized Scintillator/Photodiode at sample position
Additional Notes
Motorized capillary for background reduction Motorized beamstop Smart magnet for SPINE standard base Cryojet translation stage Fluorescence detector (Amptek X123SDD)



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