Magnets & Pulsed Magnets

The Injection system of Elettra

A long straight section of the storage ring has been dedicated for the installation of the injection system, which is composed by 4 Kickers and 2 Septa including all the equipment (vacuum and mechanics) needed to keep it in operation. The Kickers are identical magnets operating in air and placed symmetrically with respect to the center of the section; the Septa are again identical magnets, but they operate in vacuum.

Both power circuits are based on a capacitive discharge design; the kicker circuit adopts a resistive recovery, while that one of the septum an inductive recovery.

The characteristic parameters of the injection process can be summarised as follows.

General parameters Value
Beam injection energy 1 GeV
TL-SR angle 8.6 degr
Kicker bump (nominal) 18 mm
Pulse repetition rate 10 pps
Free space available within straight section 6 m

Table 1 - Storage ring injection general parameters

Kicker magnet operating parameters @ 1 GeV
Core length 600 mm
Peak magnetic field 0.1 T
Peak current 4.0 kA
Capacitor charging voltage 7 kV
Current pulse length 5 ms

Table 2 - Kicker magnet operating parameters

Septum magnet operating parameters @ 1 GeV
Core length 720 mm
Peak magnetic field 0.4 T
Peak current 4.6 kA
Capacitor charging voltage 0.8 kV
Current pulse length 50 ms

Table 3 - Septum magnet operating parameters

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