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The MagneDyn Project 

Manipulation of magnetic order with light is an important topic intensively studied in modern magnetism. In particular, the non-equilibrium conditions developed in magnetic materials following excitation by intense femtosecond laser pulses represent a hot research subject that has attracted continuous growing interest over the last two decades.  Since this strong non-equilibrium state evolve in the ultrafast (<1ps) temporal regime, the conventional description of magnetic phenomena in the framework of classical thermodynamics is no longer valid. As a result, the ultrafast channels for transferring energy and angular momentum between photons, electrons, spins, and phonons remain elusive and a subject of debate. The MagneDyn beamline is a groundbreaking tool in the field of ultrafast magneto-dynamical studies by offering a combination of pump-probe optical and x-ray spectroscopies.  It is possible to perform studies of time resolved EUV Kerr reflectivity (tr-EUV MOKE), Resonant Inelastic/elastic EUV scattering (tr-RIXS) and Magneto Optical Kerr Effect (tr-MOKE) as a function of sample temperature (from 300K down to 10K) and in high magnetic fields (1.6 Tesla). 

Parmigiani F., Malvestuto M., "Magneto dynamical studies at Fermi@Elettra. A white paper." (2011)

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