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Here is a concise summary of the beam parameters available at MagneDyn

  • Repetition rate: 10 - 50 Hz
  • Photon energy range: 4 - 60 nm (1st FEL-2 harm and 1st stage of FEL-2), 
  • polarization: LV, LH, CL, CR
  • FEL-2 pulse intensity: up to 15-20 μJ@100 eV 
  • KB system parameters: focus size down to ~10 μm 

FEL2 beam parameters as a function of the LINAC energy, light polarization and wavelength can be found here: FEL2 parameters


An indication of the FEL performance at sample position, i.e., after photon-beam transport, can be obtained by using the plots above, and taking into account a beamline transmission of about 70% in the spectral range 20-10 nm, a transmission of about 20-70% in the range 10-6 nm, a transmission of about 20-40% in the range  6-5 nm, and a transmission of about 10-25% in the range  5-4 nm. Moreover, filters are required to remove unwanted radiation (due to seed laser, FEL harmonics, etc.). Typical filter transmissions are shown here.
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