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On Proposal Submission

We invite users and collaborators to discuss their proposals with the beamline local contacts well in advance before the submission deadline. This proactive approach is essential for accurately evaluating the experiment's feasibility and may lead to enhancements in the proposal. Please review our guidelines for proposal submission thoroughly

Access Request

Users and collaborators planning to conduct experiments at MagneDyn are required to complete the designated Access Request Form. The submission deadline for the Access Request differs based on user categories: General Users, EU Funded Users, Research Team Members, and Collaborators should submit their forms a minimum of two weeks prior to the experiment. Italian Users are required to submit their Access Request forms at least one month in advance. Please note that approval of your access request is mandatory for entry to the Elettra Laboratory. Detailed instructions for various user categories can be found on the User Office webpages by following our quick links

Shipping samples and equipment to Elettra

please follow the INSTRUCTIONS to send us your parcels

How to get to the Elettra Laboratory

from Trieste Airport 46 km pdf
from Venice Airport 156 km pdf
from Treviso Airport 165 km pdf
from Ljubljana Airport 112 km pdf
from Trieste, by bus 11 km pdf
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