Accelerator building blocks

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KAOS Focusing Mirror System 

03_Elettra_KAOS Refocusing Mirror System


The ultimate kirkpatrick-baez active optics composite focusing system.

Watch the video of KAOS to discover how it works.

High Power Waveguide Components

HP Waveguide components

  • High Gradient Structures
  • Spherical Pulse Compressor
  • Compact 3-dB Hybrids
  • Re-Combiner
  • Pumping Ports
  • Power Splitter
  • Dry Loads
  • In-Vacuum Variable Power Divider
  • In-Vacuum Phase Shifter
  • Twists and Bends

In-Air Experimental Station

01_Elettra_In-Air Experimental Station

  When building a new experimetal station, Elettra team can help you with:
  • Understanding your scientific needs,
  • fine-tunning the requirements,
  • designing the experimental station,
  • building and commissioning the experimetal station,
  • life cycle support.

Elettra Type RF Cavities 

02_Elettra Type RF Cavities

  500 MHz single cell normal conducting accelerating cavity. 

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