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Check out the examples to discover the potential of synchrotron light in the production of innovative high-performance materials.
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Polymorphism of organic semiconductor

semiconduttori organici

Organic semiconductors exhibit high versatility and large number of advantages in the electronic fields because of their solution-processability and low cost of production. However, possible polymorphism, due to the fact that organic molecules can adopt different crystal packings, may induce variation in electronic, mechanical, or optical properties at the solid state. Indeed, even small changes in the packing of organic semiconductors affect their electronic performances by orders of magnitude.


Natural fibers and eco-sustainable resins for nautical sector


The material rComposite produced by the company Northern Light Composites is made out of three main components: vegetable fibers, resin and polyurethane. The challenge for Northern Light Composites was to determine how the resin distributes into the material.


Tailor-made Polyurethane Solutions


Traditional polyurethane foams are not strong enough to resist at the working conditions of the production of composite materials. The material INTIVATO has been developed to overcome the traditional PU limitations, with a focus on the press forming technology, which is suitable for mass production. The interest of the company Carùs is studying the chemical and morphological properties of different foaming processes of polyurethane rigid foams.


High resolution microtomography of metal foams

metal foam

The necessity for devising more effective heat transfer technologies and innovative materials, capable of increasing performances while keeping power consumption, size and cost at reasonable levels, is well recognized. Under this prospect, metal foams are good candidates for improving the thermal efficiency of heat transfer devices and allowing, at the same time, the use of smaller and lighter equipment. 


Evaluation of laser shock peening process of surfaces for aeronautical structural applications

Evaluation of laser shock peening process parameters incorporating Almen strip deflections

Engineering of component surfaces using Laser Shock Peening (LSP) requires optimisation of key process parameters to enhance performance through the generation of beneficial compressive residual stresses. Quantification of residual stress fields typically requires considerable experimental resources involving multiple complementary techniques to obtain reliable measurements through the depth of the target material. LSP induced plastic strains lead to the formation of residual stresses and cause deformation of thin components.

Chemical characterization of composite materials

Caratterizzazione chimica di materiali compositi

The composite of Ti6Al4V alloy, reinforced by unidirectional SiC fibres coated with graphite and produced by roll diffusion bonding (RDB), is a promising material for aeronautical applications including turbine parts that operate at temperatures in the range 500–600 °C. For these components, the stability of mechanical properties is one of the most important requirements.
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