Proposal form

Proposal Description

In this last part you should describe in detail the experimental plan. You must download and complete the proposal description template from the link in the VUO:

The template is a RTF document and it is divided by a line:

  • the part above the line is precompiled with your proposal data and should not be modified, otherwise you will not be able to upload the file in the system.
  • the part below the line is the one you must complete. You will find suggestions on the allowed data format and how to describe your experiment. However, for a more complete overview on how to write a good proposal, we recommend you to read the suggestions form the Proposal Review Panel.
Once your file is completed it must be uploaded in the vuo. Press the "browse" button, choose the file and press "Upload".

You can upload the complete template in two formats:
  • RTF: preferred, but if you have problems with the size of the file (sometimes even small image files increase disproportionately the size of the RTF file) you can always convert it to pdf and upload it as such.
  • PDF: This format can be convenient for you. Some pdf converters create files that are incompatible with the VUO.

If you have problems uploading your description file, write an e-mail to the users office attaching the RTF file.



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