Elettra.chat - realtime rich communication

Beyond email and simple chats

Email is a very powerful tool, but it has limitations too.
First, it's an asynchronous communication tool. You may need to instantly chat (like with Telegram, Whatsapp etc.) with colleagues on a project when people cannot work in the same physical space. Mixing various topics with different people may create big confusion. That's why instant chats are more and more used.

Slack pioneered the idea of integrating instant chat with a structure (different channels, assignment of people at chats, link with online tools etc.), a section for file upload, a powerful search, multi-platform support (desktop, web, mobile) and so on.

Elettra.chat is such a system, based on the open source product Rocket.chat.

Elettra.Chat is available to people working at Elettra or at CERIC-ERIC (i.e., having a contract with one of the two) and with local partners (i.e., those in the "GDR" mailing list).
Users enabled for the VUO - Virtual Lab can also access the chat during the period indicated in the TAG. This configuration is automatic for the proposal period but can be added manually by the TAG administrator.

To access Elettra.Chat just point your browser to https://chat.elettra.eu and login with your primary email address and password as in UniPass/VUO:

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 May 2021 16:07