Elettra.chat - realtime rich communication

Advanced options


To avoid dispersion of communication in a single channel it is possible to use threads, which can link together messages inside a single channel.
To start a thread hover the mouse on a message in a channel, then click on the first icon on top-right message area:

All the following messages in the thread will be displayed in a rightmost side panel.

Conversations (sub-channels)

Conversations are something in between channels and threads. They behave like threads but are displayed in the leftmost panel, just above the "Channels" section, in a dedicated "Discussions" area:

Video chat

It is possible to initiate a video chat inside any channel, using Elettra meet. Any person that wants to participate in the chat must open the top rightmost menu (three dots) and select "Video Chat" in the menu.

The first person that initiates the call must login using his/her UniPass credentials (without the domain, i.e. name.surname).
Note: do not use the button Click to join!.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 May 2021 16:07