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Message Actions

Message actions allow you to interact with messages that you’ve already posted.

Open message actions

To open the message actions menu, place your mouse over the message and click the actions menu on the left.

Edit messages

To edit a message, click on the edit option on the message actions menu. You can also place your cursor in the message box and press the Up arrow to edit your last message.

Draft messages

Elettra.chat saves drafts of all message edits so you can return to edit later. When drafting a message, press Escape to discard the draft.

Delete messages

To delete a message, click Delete in the message actions menu.

Star messages

Star messages to make the message easier to find it later. To star a message, click Star option in the message actions menu. If you want to remove the star from an already starred message, click Remove Star.

Find starred messages by going to the channel actions menu and clicking Starred Messages.

Starred messages are per chat room and are not global; each room has its list of starred messages.

Pin messages

Pin a message to a channel to make that message easily accessible to all user’s on the channel. To pin a message, select the Pin Message option in the message actions menu. Remove already pinned messages by selecting Remove Pin.


You can react to messages with emoji.

To add a reaction to a message, go to the message, click on the smiley face icon on the right of the message and then choose an emoji.

You can see other user’s emoji reactions beneath the message. To react with the same emoji as another user, click the emoji. You can also remove your reaction by clicking on your emoji.

Permalink a message to creates a URL directly to that message in the chat.

Click on the Permalink option in the message actions menu. This copies the message into your clipboard.

Copy a message

To copy the contents of a message to your clipboard, click on the copy option on the message actions menu.

Reply to a message

Reply to a message to quote a message from another user. The reply automatically triggers a notification sent to the message’s original author.

There are two options for replies:

Use Reply in Thread to start a new thread underneath the original message. Threads create a string of messages that quote the original. Use Reply in Direct Message to quote the original message in a direct message to that user.

Quote a message

Quote a message to respond to another user’s message without notifying the user directly. Select Quote in the message actions menu.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 May 2021 16:07