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Conversations in Elettra.chat occur in channels. Channels are chat rooms with useful features designed to increase communication and collaboration.

There are three kinds of channels: public channels, private groups, and direct (1-on-1) messages.

Public channels

Public channels (also called channels for short) act as a base for all channel types. Use channels for conversations that are open to all Elettra and CERIC-ERIC people. An example of such a channel is the default #elettra.chat.sandbox where anybody can practice with Elettra.chat and/or send messages to the whole community. This kind of channel can be created only by an administrator (ask ICTSS via VUO tickets).

Private groups

Private groups are closed channels. They are visible only to their members. Use private groups for Elettra activities, groups, beamlines and projects.

Private groups are joined through invitation only. The administrator sets the permissions that determine who can invite others to a private group. By default, only administrators, room owners, and moderators can invite others to private rooms.

Direct Messages

Direct messages (DMs) are a private 1-on-1 conversation between members. They can be sent to any person at Elettra/CERIC-ERIC.

Listing channels

Find public and private channels that you are watching in the left sidebar under the Channels sections.

Public channels are represented by a hash symbol next to the channel name (e.g., #elettra.chat.sandbox), and private channels by a lock . Public channels appear first above private channels below them and alphabetically ordered.

Unread messages

Channels with new messages appear bolded.

When using the Unread Mode, a new section called Unread appears on the left sidebar. All channels with unread messages move to this new section until the messages have been reads.

To activate Unread Mode, go to My Account> Preferences. Change the Sidebar channel list mode setting to Unread Rooms Mode.


When someone mentions you with @username, @all or @here, a symbol or a number will appear alongside the channel name. The special mention @all refers to all the members of a chat, while @here only to those currently active in the channel. When mentioned, an @ symbol appears next to your name. If someone mentions @all or @here a number will show up notifying the number of times the mention is specific to you.
All elettra.chat usernames follow the email address, but substituting the 'at' simble (@) with a dot, i.e. name.surname@elettra.eu â‡’ @name.surname.elettra.eu
When a @ and at least another character are typed, a list of suggestions will appear to help you accelerate the writing process.

Notifications Preferences

There are several notification settings a user can customize to channels. To find notification settings for a specific channel, go to the channel and click the More symbol at the top-right of the chat view. Then, select Notification Preferences.

  • Mute/Receive alerts: Receive or mute any notifications from a channel.
  • Mute/Receive mentions: Receive or mute notifications for mentions while receiving notifications for messages in a channel.
  • Hide/Show counter: Show the number of unread messages for a channel.
  • Notification sound: Choose a sound for notifications besides the alerts default Desktop. Mobile currently supports only the alerts inside your mobile device. You can also select when to play the alert, duration of the alert, and the alert itself.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 May 2021 16:07