Monochromator zero Order

ONLY FOR BACH staff!!!
NOTE: Remember to close the valve of the COMIX spectrometer and to switch off the voltages of the analyser.
After setting the 0 order do a monohome positioning. This should be done ONLY by BACH BL STAFF. For monohome You have to move the mirror (first) and the grating (second) in order to reach the limit switch. 

Mirror move absolute and Grating move absolute should be moved using BCS starting frkom the Mono webpage GALIL (link on the BACH pc Firefox tabs), then select browsing. While moving monitor the position by opening a new window where you select MIRROR position and GRATING position.

SG1 0 order:  PM=270312; SG 295700
SG2 0 order:  PM=269900; SG 295900
SG3 0 order:  PM=411451; SG 436200
SG4 0 order:  PM=410750; SG 431200 (August 2014)

OLD SG4: PM=411544; SG 437150(o 431200)

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