PID Temperature Controller


The temperature controller box is designed to remotely control Elind () or Sorensen (Model DCS-100-12E) power supplies at BACH beamline, which are used for heaters in the experimental chambers of the Endstation A.
Connections between the controller and other appliances are schematically depicted in Scheme 1.
Scheme 1. Block diagram of PID controlled heating system at Endstation A of the BACH beamline.

Front panel controls

PID controller - Front panel

Table 1. Front Panel Controls
Control Description
1 Eurotherm 2408 PID controller with one analog output 0-10  Vdc.
a Auto/Man button
b Run/Hold button
c Page button
d Scroll button
e Down button
f Up button
g Upper readout showing measured temperature (Sbr = Sensor break).
h Lower readout (output level in Manual mode; temperature setpoint in Auto mode).
2 Rocker switch to select the remote control of Elind or Sorensen power supply.
3 Rotary switch to select the remote control of Elind voltage or current output.
4 A 10-turn potentiometer to set Elind output limit. When the switch 3 is in voltage position, the potentiometer sets the current output limit (1 turn = 3.6 A). When the switch 3 is in the current position, the potentiometer set the voltage output limit (1 turn = 7.5V).
5 Switch to select the manual or remote control of the Sorensen voltage or current output.
6,7 Rocker switches to switch on/off some of the programmable functions of the Eurotherm PID controller. As of 2016, switch 6 can switch on the full level of manual operation; switch 7 is idle.

Rear panel

PID controller - Rear panel

Table 2. PID rear-panel description
Control or Terminal Description
8 Mains input with On/Off rocker switch.
9 Inputs for temperature sensors. Use only one type of input.
10 Connector for Sorensen power supply.
11 Connector for the Elind power supply.
12 Connector for a programmable logical input of the PID controller.
13 Computer serial port.

Connections to Elind, Sorensen, and PC

PID controller cabling

Wire connections from PID to Elind rear side

PID to Sorensen rear side connector. When PID is disconnected, place the blank J3 connector.

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