PID Temperature Controller

Temperature to SES (LabView VI)

This Virtual Instrument (VI), programmed in LabView, monitors the PID temperature readings and transmits analog voltage output, proportional to the temperature value, to PBACH7 PC (see Scheme1). SES software on PBACH7, which controls the R3000 Scienta analyzer can read and record this analog signal on analog input labeled “T”.


1. First, make sure that iTools software is closed. Then start the program Temperature to SES. A window similar to the one on the following image should appear.

2. Go to Settings tab (see picture below). Set the frequency of temperature recording by parameter Milliseconds between readings. Number of maximum stored readings is 3600. That is, when 1000 milliseconds is set, maximum time span recorded is 1hour.
The switch “Enable Analog Output” serves to switch on/off transmission of the temperature reading to PBACH7 PC.
If you wish to record all measured temperatures into a file, tick the "Record in file" option and select folder where the file will be saved. Numbering of files with recorded temperature is automatic. Temperature values will be saved as a function of time elapsed from hitting Start button. It is recommanded to note exact time at the beginning.

Monitoring temperature

Hit the Start button.
Note: While monitoring the temperature, the temperature controller can be operated only manually.

Saving recorded temperature from graph

WARNING! This will allow you to save only temperatures dislayed on the screen. Better choice is to select "Record to file" option, before you start the temperature monitoring. However, once the Start button was hit, "Record to file" can't be selected. Then following simple solution can be used:
1.       Right click on the graph, select Export, Export Data To Clipboard.
2.       Ctrl-V (Igor Pro, Notepad, Excel, …)

Ramp-up – Delay – Ramp-Down Programmer

A simple temperature program (linear ramp-up, delay, linear ramp-down) can be started from “Temperature Program” tab.
1.       Stop the temperature recording hitting Stop button.
2.       Run VI, hit the button with arrow.
3.       Check Settings Tab
4.       Go to Temperature program Tab.
5.       Switch on the Enable program button
6.       Set Setpoint1, Ramp Rate 1, Setpoint 3, Ramp Rate 3 values (in °C). Note: The Dwell time between the ramp segments is fixed to 2 minutes and can be changed only manually currently.
7.       Hit the Start button to start the temperature program.

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