PID Temperature Controller

TP-XPS In brief (instructions for trained users)

FOR SORENSEN (prep chamber)
In the PID controller select: Sorensen, voltage, man (V is read); Opprr=0.03
In the Sorensen controller: increase the value of V and I by turning the wheel of the correct n of turns

For ELIND (main chamber)
In the PID controller select: Elind, auto (reads K), sprr (e.g. 0.5K/s or 1.0 K/s)
In the ELIND controller: I and V set to 0 
  1. Eurotherm iTools: SP: SPrr (e.g. 0.05 K/s); PRESS REMOVE; CLOSE itools (Elind should be in REMOTE)
  2. Open Temperature Program.VI (desktop); Settings: select COM2 from the menu; press START; Check that the T reading is correct
  3. SES: Signals: add Dev1_a12_in (3rd signal) (check that T is acquired in Calibration Voltages)
  4. Start the SES acquisition: Add Dimension, repeat until stopped, Spectra acquired in FIXED mode (e.g. 30 s acquistion/spectrum)
  5. Select AUTO in the front panel of the PID, you should read the temperature. Change MANUALLY the SP (set point) using the arrows on the front panel of the PID  close to the manipulator of the main chamber (SP>Tfinal)
  6. To stop the acquistion you can change the SP to a lower value during the acquisition once the max T has been reached, stop after sequence SES:
    1. Make sure that the top left  rocker switch (6) is in the position  UP (OPERATOR mode) not down (simple user mode)
    2. Press the button PAGE (first button down left with a page symbol) several times until SP appears
    3. Press the button SCROLL (second button with the circular arrow) several times until SPrr appears
    4. Change the ramp rate to 1K/s using the arrow and wait some seconds until it blinks)
    5. Press PAGE+SCOLL togheter to reach again the main menu
    6. Change the SP to 300K using the arrows

Rampa in T programmando il PID da software:

Programmer Editor
Sequent Parameters
-       Impostare rrate 60K/min  = 1K/sec
-       Temperatura max
-       Tempo di attesa DUR
-       Temperatura min in discesa
IMPORTANTE mettere OFF il rrate da SP rrt
PER AVVIARE tasto destro su Eutotherm

Scaldare con PID nella camera di preparazione senza termocoppia

IMPORTANTE rimettere DIVERSO DA OFF il rrate da SP rrt
Selezionare Sorensen con il pin sul PID, poi metterlo  in Voltage (da manual, pin sulla destra)
Sorensen : Voltage fattore 1.3 rispetto all’Elind
Set V=18.2 V  (24.8 sul sorensen)    // per all metal V=16 V (21.8 sul Sorensen); questo corrisponde a circa 900K (per preparare hBNG)
Orr= 0.03  ->1 K/sec   in salita, poi attesa in T per 2’
Orr=0.1 ->3 K/sec in discesa
Per settare Orr premi primo tasto a sinistra e cerca Olist, poi secondo tasto a sinistra per cercare orr (output ramp rate), quindi con le frecce mettere il voltaggio desiderato.
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