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The end stations

The sample holders  


We have available 4 sample holders (XL25 VG standard) for different uses. The sample holders 1 and 4 allows to heat and cool down samples, differently sample horders 2 and 3.

Sample holder 1 (with Mo plate)

Sample holder 2

Sample holder 3

Sample holder 4 (electron bombardment)

The specifications of the standard XL 25 sample are given below. For further details, click here.
Sample Size: 25.4mm Diameter (N.B. The block sample holder + sample has to pass through a copper gasket of inner diameter 40 mm).


Sample holder 1 (heater element)

Heating: Maximum Continuous Current: 1.2 Amps. Maximum Short Term Current: 5 Amps for up to 10 minutes from a cold start. If the element is pre-heated, this must be reduced accordingly. The heater element is pyrolytic graphite (PG) encapsulated in pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN). The heating resistance is about 15 ohms.

Heating datsheet (preparation chamber)
Current (Amps) Temperature (°C) Power (W)
1.2 500 8
1.5 600 13
2.0 700 23
2.5 800 35
3.0 900 60
3.5 1000 100

Heating datasheet (experimental chamber)
Current (Amps) Temperature (°C)
0.1 40
0.2 90
0.3 135
0.4 180
0.5 220
0.6 260
0.7 300
0.8 320
0.9 340
1.0 36

Cooling: Minimum Temperature -170°C (100K).Time to Minimum Temperature* (about 60 minutes).


Sample holder 4 (electron bombardment)

The sample holder 4 permits to heat samples by electron bombardment. The home made filament is made in 0.2 mm annealed Goodfellow thoriated tungsten.
With a filament current of 3.4 Amps, we reached a temperature of 800°C, sample grounded.


Picture of XL25 sample holder

Details of XL25


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