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The end stations

The fluorescence detector 

A new large area Vacuum Silicon Drift Spectrometer by PN Detector GmbH has been installed on the spectroscopy chamber of the beam line. This detector has been conceived for light element detection from Mg down to C and B. From preliminary tests, we obtained an excellent energy resolution down to 133 eV @ Mn-K alfa and a low level noise <150 eV.  The main characteristics are:
Distance from sample ≥ 20mm
Solid angle ≤ 0.075 sterad
Energy range  200  - 8000 eV
Sensor cooled by a Peltier cell(T~-15°C)
Built in electronics (integrated JFET)
Input PN integrated window (optimized detection of low energy photons)
On-chip Zr collimator
MCA with 8192 channels, calibrated with 55Fe K line (6 keV), Ga Lα line (1098 eV), As Lα line (1282 eV).
In the figure below is shown a design of the detector and of its support that allows to regulate the distance to the sample. 


The Fluoresecence detector


Typical setup for fluorescence measurements

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