Other equipment

DC power supplies

For annealing of samples and evaporators following DC power supplies are available. All of them have independent setting of voltage and current limits.

model Xantrex XKW 60-18 Xantrex XKW20-50 Sorensen DCS20-50 FuG MCP350-2000 EA PS2342-06B EA PS2042-06B
maximum voltage 60 V 20 V 20 V 2000 V 2×42 V 42 V
maximum current 18 A 50 A 50 A 150 mA 2×6 A 6 A
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Xantrex XKW

Xantrex XKW

Sorensen DCS




Keithley 6485 with analog output that can be connected to the A/D converter card and displayd by Mesh Monitor.
Keithley 6485
(manual PDF)

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