SG10 Spherical grating

Energy Range10 - 50 [eV]
Resolving Power1000 [E/deltaE] @ 20 [eV]
Number Of Gratings1
Grating TypeSpherical Grating

VLS 200 grating

Energy Range50 - 300 [eV]
TypeVariable Line Spacing grating
Resolving Power4000 [E/deltaE] @ 200 [eV]
Number Of Gratings1
Grating Type200 lines/mm

VLS 400 grating

Energy Range100 - 1000 [eV]
TypeVariable Line Spacing Grating
Resolving Power4000 [E/deltaE] @ 400 [eV]
Number Of Gratings1
Grating Type400 lines/mm

Resolving power data at 200mA ring current, 2.0 GeV; 10 μm exit slit width. The monochromator has been recently upgraded to solve long term stability issues and improve mechanical and optical operation. Our tests demonstrate that the instrument is now extremely stable. A report on the instrument performance is available here.
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