SPELEEM III (Spectroscopic photoemission and low energy electron microscope)

MicroscopesSpectroscopic photoemission and low energy electron microscope (SPELEEM III, Elmitec GmbH), with magnetic triode objective and 120° separator.
microspot diffraction techniques: μ-LEED, μ-ARUPS, μ-ARPES, μ-EELS, μ-XPD.
microspot spectroscopy techniques: μ-ARUPS, μ-ARPES, μ-XPD, μ-LEED, μ-EELS.
Contrast apertures : 10, 30 and 100 µm.
Illumination apertures (size on sample): 500 nm, 1 and 6 µm.
Lateral resolution: 10 nm in LEEM, 30 nm in XPEEM
Sample types: UHV compatible, flat with resistivity of few tens Ohms / cm
SpectrometerHemispherical energy analyzer Elmitec R200
pass energy: 820 eV
energy resolution:
100 meV (spectral imaging)
100 meV (diffraction imaging)
60 meV (microspot spectroscopy)
Base Pressure7 * 10-11 [mbar]
Detectors AvailableRetiga R6 CCD
flange mounted Chevron MCP
Endstation OperativeYes
Sample TypeCrystal, Amorphous
Other Sample Typemicro-structured, lithographically patterned samples
Mounting TypeElmitec sample cartridge, custom designed sample cartridge
Required Sample SizeX = 9 [um], Y = 9 [um], Z = 1 [um]
Manipulator or Sample stage
Elmitec Manipulator with motorized x,y stage, tilt and azimuthal rotation
Descriptionmotorized sample tilt with minimum step size of 0.01°
Degrees Of Freedom6
Translator Stages2
Positioning PrecisionX = 66 [nm], Y = 66 [nm]

Sample Environment
Sample Cartridge for Elmitec LEEM III Environment
Pressure (min)7 * 10-11 [mbar]
Pressure (Max)5 * 10-5 [mbar]
Temperature100 - 2000 [K]

Sample Holders
Sample cartridge for in-situ, in-plane magnetization
TypeCustom made sample cartridge
Descriptionthe cartridge allows applying magnetic fields up to 300 Gauss in-plane, normal to the beam propagation direction.
Sample heating is not possible.

Sample cartridge for in-situ, out-of-plane magnetization
Typecustom made sample cartridge
Descriptionthe cartridge allows applying magnetic fields up to 30 Gauss in the out-of-plane direction. Sample heating is not possible.

Standard sample cartridge for Elmitec LEEM III microscope
TypeElmitec LEEM III
DescriptionThis sample cartridge allows radiative and e-beam heating. It can perform prolonged sample annealing up to 1200 °C and short flashes up to 1600°C. The sample temperature is measured using a type C thermocouple.

Magnetic Fields
Magnetization stage in UHV
DC FieldsDC fields can be applied in the in-plane or out-of-plane directions in the main chamber of the SPELEEM microscope (but not in measurement position!).
Max DC Field2 * 103 [Gauss]

The sample temperature is read by a type C thermocouple (W5%Re/W26%Re), which is mounted close to the sample, or with an optical pyrometer. The type C thermocouple calibration parameters can be found here.

Important note on samples

It is very important is to keep in mind that not all samples are suitable for XPEEM experiments and special requirements have to be fulfilled. Samples must be conductive and resistant to radiation damage. It is essential that they are free from field emitters and tips. The sample geometry must also satisfy basic requirements. Lithographically patterned samples have to be carefully designed.

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