Insertion Devices

A range of insertion devices has been designed, built and installed in the storage ring starting from 1992. Most of them employ the permanent magnet technology. The only exception is one electromagnetic variably polarised wiggler/undulator.

The insertion devices can be divided in three categories:

  1. Conventional (vertical field) undulators and wiggler. They represent the 'first generation' of magnets built for ELETTRA, and provide fixed polarisation.
  2. The Electromagnetic Elliptical Wiggler (EEW). Designed to allow circular polarisation with fast helicity switching.
  3. Elliptical undulators. The development of these 'second generation' devices was stimulated by strong users' demand for variable polarisation sources.
  4. Figure-8 undulator

Also shown in red in the above table are two new magnets (presently under construction):

The Superconducting Wiggler (SCW), which will extend the useful spectrum at high energies (>10 KeV) for X-Ray Diffraction applications.

Additionally, a prototype short undulator has been recently completed. It will be installed in a dispersive section as a test of the feasibility of adding new radiation sources in the short straights of the storage ring.

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