Insertion Devices

Superconducting wiggler

The multipole superconducting wiggler is designed to produce a high flux and brightness source in the 10-25 keV range for the second Diffraction beamline (XRD-II). The main parameters of the device are given in the table below:

Period length 64 mm
Peak field 3.5 T
Total no. of poles 49
Pole sequence 1/4, -3/4, 1, -1 … 1, -3/4, 1/4
Internal aperture 81 mm (H) x 10.7 mm (V)
Total power 18.3 kW (2 GeV, 400 mA)

As shown in fig. 1, a factor of 3 (14) higher flux will be produced compared to the permanent magnet wiggler of the existing Diffraction beamline (XRD) at 12.5 keV (25 keV). A further significant improvement is gained from the smaller source size resulting from the shorter wiggler length (1.4 m instead of 4.5 m). The detailed design and manufacture of the wiggler is now in progress at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk. Installation is scheduled for June 2002. The wiggler has a cold-bore design with internal 20 K copper liner to efficiently absorb the thermal load from scattered photons and r.f. heating.

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