Insertion Devices

Electromagnetic Elliptical Wiggler

In January 1998, an Electromagnetic Elliptical Wiggler (EEW) was installed in Elettra. This project commenced in Febrary 1996, with partial European Commision funding as a collaboration between Sincrotrone Trieste, Bessy and Max-Lab.

The device, built by DANFYSIK, is a source of circularly polarized light in VUV/Soft X ray region with variable helicity (in the range 5 eV - 1.3 KeV) and combines horizontal and vertical magnetic field in the same structure. The vertical field component is powered with d.c., while the horizontal field has 3 different operation mode:

  • D.C.
  • Trapezoidal from 0.1-1 Hz
  • Sinusoidal from 10-100 Hz.

Period length 212 mm  
Number of poles 32 Vert., 31 Hor.
Total length 3.3. m
Nominal field 0.5 T Vert. (at 160 A) , ±0.1 T Hor. (at ±275 A)
Pole termination sequence (Hor. and Vert.) +1/4, -3/4, +1, -1, ...

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