Insertion Devices

Short insertion device

In order to increase the number of insertion devices installed in the storage ring and since all eleven ID straight sections are already defined, we are studying the possibility to install short insertion devices in the dispersive regions.

To test this new idea, the construction and the installation of a prototype short ID with a period of 56 mm and a min. gap of 23 mm (max. magnetic field » 0.5 T), was approved at the beginning of 2000.

A new type of insertion device support structure has been developed and constructed (by ICAP, Italy): each beam is moved by only one motor (instead of 2) with a maximum magnetic load (per beam) of 4 tons.

On this new type of carriage it is possible to install magnet arrays with a length from 0.7 m to 1 m. The absolute gap setting accuracy, independent of load, is less than 20 µm and measured by 2 Heidenhain encoders with a resolution of 1 µm.

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This new insertion device was installed in June 2001 and is currently undergoing tests. The prototype short ID vacuum chamber , developed by Sincrotrone Trieste, was installed in April 2001. The elliptical beam chamber is constructed from stainless steel 316 LN and has an external diameter of 22 mm.

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