Operations and Development of the Accelerators


In this section we will try to keep you informed about the project, its organization, and other various items that are necessary to go about doing our business well.

ODAC belongs to the Elettra Cluster and is led by Emanuel Karantzoulis who is also the Elettra Cluster Coordinator

See also VUO – Project details – ODAC: Project Schedule, under each task the name of the task leader. Called also ODAC Activity Leaders (OAL). 

There are 32 tasks (work packages) and 30 task leaders. Of these 32 tasks, 20 have also a dedicated budget (indicated with *) whereas the remaining use either general services/other budgets or do not need one.


Name Leader Description
APH KARANTZOULIS Emanuel Accelerator physics
BLC CHENDA Valentina Beam lines controls , bcs etc.
BOOSTER CARNIEL Alessandro Booster
CONT SCAFURI Claudio Controls and interlocks
COOLPR RUGO Stefano Cooling projects , tubes needed, dimensions etc
EDIL BUONANNO Alberto Moving Blocks, Crane
ELECT STOPAR Giuliano Internal electricity supply net, works etc.
FLUID VOUCH WALTER Water supply, equipment and ambient cooling
FREND GIOVANNONI Raoul Front end functioning and repair
GSERV ACCETTULLI Annamaria General services, cleaning etc.
IDs MILLO Daniele Insertion devices
INSTR BASSANESE Silvano Instrumentation
MAGN FABRIS Riccardo Magnets (electro + pulsed )
OCOR KARANTZOULIS Emanuel Coordinamento
OPS KRECIC Stefano Operations
PINJ BORSI Piergiorgio Pre-injector booster
PS CAUTERO Marco Electromagnets power supplies
PULMA TOSOLINI Piergiorgio Pulsed magnets power supplies
RDPROT VASCOTTO Alessandro Radioprotection
RF PASOTTI Cristina RF systems
S3HC ZUPANCICH Pietro superconducting third harmonic cavity
SAFETY BAVDAZ Flavio Safety during machine function and during shutdowns
SBL LAUSI Andrea Liaison to beam Lines, shutdown work requests from Beam lines
ODDC KRECIC Stefano Documentation, operation programs, statistics
SHDOWN KRECIC Stefano Programming and supervising the shutdown works
ODEM CARNIEL Alessandro Emittance measurements
TECPRO LODA Giorgio Tecnical Projects , calculations, designs, draw...
VAC RUMIZ Luca Vacuum
INTL GIACUZZO Fabio Interlocks and control access
QC SAURO Roberto Controllo Qualità



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