The dynamical change of the magnetization in Ni has been probed by EUV Kerr effect at the Ni-edge by means of the newly commissioned X-Wallaston polarimeter.



The new EUV Kerr polarimeter has been commissioned. The X-Wollaston (TONIX) polarimeter is capable of measuring the FEL pulse polarization status in single-shot mode. It works on a broad energy range from 50 eV to 150 eV, with extinction ration higher than 40 in all the energy range. Succesful commissioning had being achieved by measuring the element sensitive Kerr rotation at the Ni-edge in ferromagnetic Nickel.
The polarimeter is now available for external users experiment at the MagneDyn beamline.



Resonant emission across the C K-edge of an higly oriented pyrolytic graphite



Copper M edges d-d excitations from CuGeO3 oxide. The spectra results from 5000 FEL shots at 50 Hz

The figure below reports the inelastic/elastic intensity ratio vs optical-FEL pulses time delay


Nickel M edges d-d excitations from NiO oxide 


First FEL Co M2,3 edge magnetic hysteresis taken on a ~4nm cobalt film deposited in-situ on a 100nm Si3N4 membrane.


FIRST FEL beam in the MagneDyn endstation.
Today MagneDyn celebrated successfully guiding the X-ray laser beam into the experimental magnetic chamber. 
This marks another important milestone in the preparation for the start of user operation in 2018.


The installation of the MagneDyn transport system has been completed.

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