Research done at T-ReX

Photoinduced dynamics of flat bands in the kagome metal CoSn
D. Puntel, W. Bronsch, M. Tuniz, M. Kang, P. M. Neves, S. Fang, E. Kaxiras, J. G. Checkelsky, R. Comin, F. Parmigiani, and F. Cilento
Phys. Rev. B 109, L081104 (2024)

Dynamics and resilience of the unconventional charge density wave in ScV6Sn6 bilayer kagome metal
M. Tuniz, A. Consiglio, D. Puntel, C. Bigi, S. Enzner, G. Pokharel, P. Orgiani, W. Bronsch, F. Parmigiani, V. Polewczyk, P. D. C. King, J. Wells, I. Zeljkovic, P. Carrara, G. Rossi, J. Fujii, I. Vobornik, S. D. Wilson, R. Thomale, T. Wehling, G. Sangiovanni, G. Panaccione, F. Cilento, D. Di Sante, and F. Mazzola
Commun. Mater. 4, 103 (2023)

Van der Waals engineering of ultrafast carrier dynamics in magnetic heterostructures
P. Majchrzak, Y. Liu, K. Volckaert, D. Biswas, C. Sahoo, D. Puntel, W. Bronsch, M. Tuniz, F. Cilento, X.-C. Pan, Q. Liu, Y. P. Chen, and S. Ulstrup
Nano Lett. 23, 414-421 (2023)

Ultrafast dynamics in (TaSe4)2I triggered by valence and core-level excitation
W. Bronsch, M. Tuniz, G. Crupi, M. De Col, D. Puntel, D. Soranzio, A. Giammarino, M. Perlangeli, H. Berger, D. De Angelis, D. Fainozzi, E. Paltanin, S. Pelli Cresi, G. Kurdi, L. Foglia, R. Mincigrucci, F. Parmigiani, F. Bencivenga, and F. Cilento
Faraday Discuss. 237, 40-57 (2022)

Sub-nanosecond free carrier recombination in an indirectly excited quantum-well heterostructure 2
M. Perlangeli, F. Proietto, F. Parmigiani, and F. Cilento
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 41, 127 (2024)

Ultrafast all-optical manipulation of the charge-density-wave in VTe2 2

M. Tuniz, D. Soranzio, D. Bidoggia, D. Puntel, W. Bronsch, S. L. Johnson, M. Peressi, F. Parmigiani, and F. Cilento
Phys. Rev. Research 5, 043276 (2023)

External screening and lifetime of exciton population in single-layer ReSe2 probed by time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
K. Volckaert, B. K. Choi, H. J. Kim, D. Biswas, D. Puntel, S. Peli, F. Parmigiani, F. Cilento, Y. J. Chang, and S. Ulstrup
Phys. Rev. Materials 7, L041001 (2023)

Strong modulation of carrier effective mass in WTe2 via coherent lattice manipulation
D. Soranzio, M. Savoini, P. Beaud, F. Cilento, L. Boie, J. Dössegger, V. Ovuka, S. Houver, M. Sander, S. Zerdane, E. Abreu, Y. Deng, R. Mankowsky, H. T. Lemke, F. Parmigiani, M. Peressi, and S. L. Johnson
npj 2D Mater Appl 6, 71 (2022)

A complete list of published work conducted in the T-ReX laboratory you can find here:

Further research done by our members

Out-of-equilibrium charge redistribution in a copper-oxide based superconductor by time-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
D. Puntel, D. Kutnyakhov, L. Wenthaus, M. Scholz, N. O. Wind, M. Heber, G. Brenner, G. Gu, R. J. Cava, W. Bronsch, F. Cilento, F. Parmigiani, and F. Pressacco

Optically induced changes in the band structure of the Weyl charge-density-wave compound (TaSe4)2I
A. Crepaldi, M. Puppin, D. Gosálbez-Martínez, L. Moreschini, F. Cilento, H. Berger, O. V. Yazyev, M. Chergui, and M. Grioni
J. Phys. Mater. 5, 044006 (2022)

Photo-induced lattice distortion in 2H-MoTe2 probed by time-resolved core level photoemission
R. Costantini, F. Cilento, F. Salvador, A. Morgante, G. Giorgi, M. Palummo, and M. Dell’Angela
Faraday Discuss. 236, 429-441 (2022)

Optical control of 4f orbital state in rare-earth metals
N. Thielemann-Kühn, T. Amrhein, W. Bronsch, S. Jana, N. Pontius, R. Y. Engel, P. S. Miedema, D. Legut, K. Carva, U. Atxitia, B. E. van Kuiken, M. Teichmann, R. E. Carley, L. Mercadier, A. Yaroslavtsev, G. Mercurio, L. Le Guyader, N. Agarwal, R. Gort, A. Scherz, S. Dziarzhytski, G. Brenner, F. Pressacco, R. Wang, J. O. Schunck, M. Sinha, M. Beye, G. S. Chiuzbăian, P. M. Oppeneer, M. Weinelt, and C. Schüßler-Langeheine

Ultrafast manipulation of the NiO antiferromagnetic order via sub-gap optical excitation
X. Wang, R. Y. Engel, I. Vaskivskyi, D. Turenne, V. Shokeen, A. Yaroslavtsev, O. Grånäs, R. Knut, J. O. Schunck, S. Dziarzhytski, G. Brenner, R.-P. Wang, M. Kuhlmann, F. Kuschewski, W. Bronsch, Ch. Schüßler-Langeheine, A. Styervoyedov, St. S. P. Parkin, F. Parmigiani, O. Eriksson, M. Beye, and H. A. Dürr
Faraday Discussions 237, 300-316 (2022)

As a research group we are also conducting research outside of our laboratory. A complete list of our further published work you can find here:

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