T-ReX Laboratory

Laser Hutch

The T-ReX laser hutch comprises four laser systems for operating a number of different complementary time-resolved spectroscopies. T-ReX at FERMI hosts the SPRINT Laboratory with which we are collaborating and sharing access to the HHG beamline seeded by the Twin-Pharos laser system.

The laser laboratory comprises a number of time-resolved optical spectroscopies. We are continuosly upgrading the existing setups and extending the number of available setups, so don't hesitate to contact us to clarify if a setup you would need for perfoming an experiment is currently available or will be available in the future.

Photo Laser table

ARPES Endstation

The photoemission endstation allows for diverse types of in situ sample preparation. The preparation chamber allows for sample cleaving, sputtering and annealing. We furthermore offer a free CF40 port to install evaporators for material deposition on a preprepared surface. In order to check the surface quality LEED can be performed in the preparation chamber. The analysis chamber is equipped with a 6-axis cryo-manipulator allowing for measurements at temperatures down to 35 K.

Photo ARPES endstation
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