Participation to conferences: presentations by the Nanospectroscopy team


  1. A. Locatelli;
    Photoemission electron spectromicroscopy of complex interfaces: probing 2D materials and the support underneath;
    Graphene2020 - Graphene and 2DM virtual conference, 19-23 October 2020, Grenoble (France);
    [Invited Oral, online]
  2. T. O. Menteş;
    Synchrotron-based cathode lens microscopy; LEEM-PEEM 11.5 tutorial; Spain; 29 September 2020.;
    [Invited Tutorial, online]
  3. T. O. Menteş;
    X-ray microscopy applied to surface science and magnetism;
    Specialized seminar on experimental physics (3MaFi); Univerza v Ljublani, Slovenia; 12-13 May 2020.
    [Invited Lecture, online]
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