Participation to conferences: presentations by the Nanospectroscopy team


  1. T.O. Menteş;
    Experimental perspectives for Elettra 2.0;
    Photons at the Next Generation Synchrotron Facilities: from Production to Delivery, PHANGS 2017, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 4-5 December 2017;
    [Invited oral]
  2. F. Genuzio, P. Genoni, T.O. Menteş, B. Santos, A. Sala, C. Lenardi, A. Locatelli;
    Local control of the magnetic anisotropy by electron and photon beam induced CO dissociation;
    ALC'17, 11th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations for New Materials and Devices ’17, Kauai HI, USA, December 3-8, 2017;
  3. T.O. Menteş;
    Adsorbate effects in ultrathin film magnetism;
    NanoTR-13, Antalya, Turkey, October 22-25, 2017;
    [Invited oral]
  4. F. Genuzio, P. Genoni, T.O. Menteş, A. Sala, A. Locatelli;
    Local SRT via controlled surface Carbon accumulation of thin Co(0001) films;
    FisMat2017, Trieste, Italy, October 1-5, 2017;
  5. A. Locatelli;
    Chemical and magnetic imaging with x-ray photoemission electron microscopy (XPEEM);
    XIV School on Synchrotron Radiation: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications, Muggia (Italy), September 14-29, 2017;
    [Invited lecture]
  6. F. Genuzio, P. Genoni, T.O. Menteş, A. Sala, A. Locatelli;
    Local SRT via controlled graphitization of thin Co(0001) films;
    Magnet 2017, Assisi, Italy, September 13-17, 2017;
  7. A. Locatelli, T.O. Menteş, G. Zamborlini, A. Sala, C. Africh, L.L. Patera, G. Comelli, M. Imam, C. Wang, N. Stojić, and N. Binggeli;
    Unveiling complex graphene structures using SPELEEM;
    13th European Conference on Surface Crystallography and Dynamics (ECSCD - 13), Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain, June 19-21, 2017;
  8. A. Locatelli;
    The CERIC MAG-ALCHEMI project: scientific goals and preliminary work
    Science@CERIC Workshop, Hermagor, Austria, March 27-29, 2017;
  9. A. Locatelli;
    Formation, structure and stability of noble-gas bubbles under graphene;
    Symposium on Surface and Nano Science 2017 (SSNS’17), Furano, Japan, January, 11-15, 2017;
    [Invited oral]
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