VUV photoemission beamline description


Two of evaporation sources can be replaced without venting the preparation chamber as they are mounted on an independently pumped section. Another three are mounted directly to the chamber. The minimum distance to an independently pumped source is about 25 cm. Moreover an Omicron triple evaporator is mounted directly to the chamber, with the minimum distance from the source to the sample about 15 cm. 
Note that to change a directly mounted source (Omicron source included) we need to vent and then to bake the chamber which will require about 2 days.
There is a possibility to grow wedges (ask your local contact for more details).

Resistively heated source

Omicron source 

Samples and sample holders

The samples must be conductive.
The dimensions are usually from 0.3 to 1.0 cm.

We use sample mounting on Ta or Cu sample holder plates.

Detailed sample holder dimensions (in mm)
images/Documents/VUV/portacampioni 2.PDF


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