VUV photoemission beamline description

Preparation chamber

 The base pressure of the preparation chambe is 2·10-10 mbar. The horizontal manipulator has five degrees of freedom (there is no azimuthal rotation anymore), allowing the sample preparation, LEED analysis and photoemission measurements. The sample can be cooled down to 77K and heated up to 500K. Sputtering facility as well as LEED optics are available in the preparation chamber; there are also gas dosing facilities and sources for overlayer deposition.
The manipulator can host one sample only. 

Please note that we can not allow pressures higher than 5·10-6 mbar of Ar in the preparation chamber.

Heating station

The load lock was modified in an independently baked chamber, destinated for the high temperature annealing.

  • In case no high temperature/pressure treatment is required (load lock mode) the chamber can house up to 3 samples.
  • High pressures - up to 10+2 mbar of oxygen - were successfully tested together with direct current annealing (up to 500°C). In this case the chamber can house one sample only.
  • The high temperature annealing allows to heat the sample above 2000°C by electron bombardement. In this case the chamber can house one sample only.

Changing a sample which does not require high temperature annealing and/or low pressures can be done within 3-4 hours, in another case it will take about 12 hours, since the heating station need to be baked.
The chamber normally has gas dosing facilities and magnetizing coil. There is a possibility to have the sample parking.

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