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RXES endstation

The RXES endstation houses a VG Scienta XES355 spectrometer a 4 K ARS closed-cycle cryostat for elastic and inelastic core level scattering. 

  • 50-600 eV energy range spectrometer
  • single shot acquisition mode (10 and 50 Hz)
  • a code suite for data extraction and RXES/RIXS image analysis
  • a SLU-FEL temporal and spatial alignment system

Scienta XES 355 is equipped with three reflecting gratings mounted at different fixed angles on a Rowland circle geometry: the entrance slits, the grating surfaces and the plane of the detector lie on the same circle for each grating.



Energy range and Transmission



XES355 ray-tracing


This manual illustrates the usage of the ray-tracing calculator of the Scienta XES355 spectrometer (author: Simone Laterza)

DAQ: Data Aquisition and processing

At FERMI each X-ray bunch is labelled and any performed measurement or parameter stored related to that bunch is saved. Small groups of bunches are than saved in a h5 format. Find here (.txt) the data structure of each h5 file, and some information of its characteristics.


GitHub Scripts for data collection, analysis and calculus.https://github.com/antoniocaretta/magnedyn-fermi


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