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Preparation Chamber

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Magnedyn end-station is equipped with an UHV preparation chamber allowing for the e--beam evaporation of thin films and multilayers, surface preparation and cleaning. A quartz microbalance allows to finely tune the growing rate and the sample thickness.

A LEED system will be available soon in order to check the quality of samples and surfaces.

The sample holder (cupper and/or macor) allows the heating treatments of samples up to 600°C and the application of a bias voltage for IvsV characteristic curve and magnetoresistance measurements.


An UHV static MOKE setup allow the fast check of the magnetic properties of the as-grown samples at any step of the growing procedure. The sensitivity of the setup is enhanced by the polarization and phase modulation technique. Red and blue (632.5 and 405 nm respectively) laser light are available.


A fast entry system is available for the fast transfer of the sample from air to vacuum better of 10-7 mbar.
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