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Andor open-front end iKon M SO CCD with DN63CF Camera for direct detection in vacuum applications 
Sensor type: BEN, Back-illuminated CCD 1024x1024, enhanced 
Pixels size: 13 μm 
Image area: 13.3 x 13.3 mm with 100% fill factor 
Active area pixel well depth (typical): 150.000 e- 
Multiple Readout Rate: 5, 3, 1, 0.05 MHz 
Read noise: 2.9 e- @ 0.05 MHz 
Dark Current: 0.0001 e-/pixel/sec @ -100°C 
Digitization: 16-bit @ all readout speed 
Minimum temperature air cooled: -80ºC 
Maximum cooling: -100°C 
USB2 Interface 
Integrated filter holder (filter not included) 
Mounting: DN63CF flange (drawing attached to this offer) 
Vacuum compatibility: > 10-8 mbar

Hamamatsu position sensitive MCP

Chevron assembly with phosphor screen output (F2225-21)
The phosphor screen coated on the glass plate converts the output charge distribution from the MCP into visibe image with a resolution of 80 um.

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