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On November 15th Elisa was awarded the Fonda-Fasella 2011 Prize reserved to young researchers who have obtained interesting and innovative results using the Elettra synchrotron light. The award was received during the Workshop "Nanoenergetics: theoretical and experimental approaches"  organized by Sincrotrone Trieste in collaboration with the University of Trieste and SISSA. Elisa has opened the first session by giving a talk entitled "A link between corrugation and thermal stability of epitaxial graphene grown on Re(0001)".

Between July 26th and August 3rd, Rong Rong and Fabrizio have participated  at the summer school “International School of Solid State Physics” held in Erice (Italy) at the Ettore Majorana foundation and centre for scientific culture and organized by CNR-DMD and CNR-NANO. The aim of this school was to review the new developments in the field of quantum phenomena in graphene, topological insulators and condensates of cold atoms in optical lattices and possible applications.  At this school, Fabrizio contributed with a poster entitled "Epitaxial Growth of hexagonal Boron Nitrade on Ir(111)" (download the poster pdf). In its contribution, Fabrizio illustrated recent results concerning the formation of a hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) layer through dissociation of benzene-like borazine molecules on the Ir surface. The epitaxial growth of h-BN was successfully investigated by a combination of different surface science techniques. Rong presented  a poster entitled "Exploiting the structures of ultra-thin films and adsorbates on graphene using x-ray photoelectron diffraction" (download the poster pdf). In this poster, she illustrates some of the fruitful application of the X-ray photoelectron diffraction technique to the structure determination of  assorted low-dimensional atomic systems shows the large potential that such state-of-art technique could have.).


Elisa is now back to Trieste after a 4-months experience (April-July) at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the Technisce Universitat of Munich (TUM), under the supervision of Prof. Ueli Heiz and Dr. Friedrich Esch a former member of the Surface Structure and Reactivity at TASC laboratory.
The  main goal of her activity was to learn the operating principles, the utilization and maintenance procedures of size-selected transition metal (TM) nanocluster sources.
In this respect, Elisa’s activity was primarily aimed at acquiring the technical knowhow required to setup and commission the new size-selected nanocluster source which is currently under construction at the Surface Science Laboratory of the  Elettra synchrotron facility.
As a part of her education activity, Elisa attended a course on TM nanoclusters by the title “Physikalische Chemie von Nanoteilchen und Oberflächen” (Physical Chemistry of nanoparticles and surfaces). She participated in the 4th joint Nanoworkshop organized by TUM in collaboration with TU/e and DTU on the 1st June 2011, where she presented a poster by the title “A size-selected cluster source for the preparation of novel model catalysts” (download the poster pdf).).

After a three months period of training, on June 6th the students of the Laboratorio di Fisica della Materia for the Laurea Magistrale in Physics at the University of Trieste  have completed the experimental activities in the lab and at the SuperESCA beamline. They performed experiments on Pt(100) using low energy electrons (LEED, Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy) and x-ray photons (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction).

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