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Surface Science Lab Group (November 2014)

From left to right: Naila Jabeen, Luca Omiciuolo, Francesco Presel, Alessandro Baraldi, Davide Curcio, Cristian Tache


Very good Andrea, new "Master of Physics" from our lab.

We are glad to present a new "Master of Physics" from our lab: Andrea successfully passed his final exam by presenting the results of his thesis work on epitaxial graphene grown on highly anisotropic surfaces; 110/110 !  Bravo Andrea !!!

Congrats Luca!!!

We are glad to announce that Luca Omiciuolo won the prize for the Best Oral Communcation at the "Internationl School of Solid State Physics" .

The school, which was held in Erice, Sicily between July 26th and August 1st, was organized by the Galileo Galilei and Ettore Majorana Foundations,  and has brought together researchers from universities and research institutes working in the fields of surface science, epitaxial growth, materials deposition and optical diagnostics. On the right, Luca together with the organizers of the School, Prof. Giorgio Benedek, Dr. Antonio Cricenti and Prof. Dario Narducci, during the award celebration.


Well done Francesco, new "Master of Physics" from our lab.

Francesco Presel passed his final exam successfully by presenting a thesis entitled  "The growth of carbon-based nanostructured materials and the modulation of graphene-substrate coupling". Evaluation: 110/110 cum laude. That's great !!!

Surface Science Lab Group (March 2014)

Top/from left: Francesco Presel, Andrea Caratti, Luca Omiciuolo, Alessandro Baraldi, Carlo Giacometti, Naila Jabeen; bottom/from left: Fabrizio Orlando, Davide Curcio, Elisa Miniussi

Another great achievement from our lab. Congratulations to Elisa which is "Philosophy Doctor in Nanotechnology". Today she discussed a thesis entitled: " Nanoscale properties of graphene-based interfaces"
Brava Elisa !!!


We are really very happy to announce a new "PhD in Physics" from our lab: Fabrizio passed his defense presenting the results of his reasearch activity:
"Physical properties and functionalization of low-dimensional materials"
Bravo Fabri !!!


We proudly present a new "Master of Physics" from our lab: Carlo passed his final exam successfully and presented his thesis on epitaxial graphene supported on oxide surfaces; 110/110 cum laude!
 Bravo Carlo !!!

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