Past News




Master Degree Graduation Day! Gian Luca Montanari concluded his thesis activity with the discussion of the experimental results obtained in our Lab and at the SuperESCA beamline of Elettra.
110/110 : congratulations ! 


Francesco is back from the 1st European Conference on Chemistry of Two-Dimensional Materials (Chem2Dmat) in Strasbourg, where he presented a poster on "Factors governing single- and multi-layer graphene growth on
Ir(111) from a solid state carbon source


Congratulations to Davide for his "PhD in Physics".

We are really very happy to announce that Davide Curcio has gained is PhD degree in Physics after three great years in our lab. Davide discussed a thesis entitled "Growth and properties of graphene-based materials".

Thank you for your amazing contribution! 
 Another great friend is leaving for a new exciting international research experience !
All the best from all of us.

Naila received the "PhD in Nanotechnology".

Naila Jabeen has gained is PhD degree in Physics after discussion of a thesis entitled "Investigation of nanoscale properties of graphene-based interfaces for possible application in catalysis ".

Best wishes for a great future at the National Centre for Physics, Islambad !

Cristian graduated PhD in Nanotechnology.

Cristian Tache has got the PhD in Nanotechnology after discussing a thesis entitled "Different approaches for the growth of graphene monolayers".

He is finally back in Romania at the National Institute of Materials Physics.

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