The Endstations

A schematic description of the endstations and techniques/instrumentation currently available on the beamline BACH can be found here.

In the UHV endstation of the BRANCH A it is possible to perform a multi-spectroscopy investigation with photoemission (including ARPES), x-ray absorption (TEY,PEY,TFY,PFY), x-ray emission and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism in remanence.   A LEED and several electron beam evaporators are available to deposit  selected metals on the sample surface at different temperatures (50 K-750 K).

The experimental setup of the BRANCH A can also combine Laser and Synchrotron Radiation (SR) in order to study the dynamics of the photo-induced excited states of electronic and magnetic systems with pump-probe time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy. Elettra Synchrotron radiation source provide radiation pulse widths sufficiently short to investigate dynamic processes in the time between 70 ps up to 0.5 μs. Typically, optical excitation of the sample is done by laser pulses (synchronized to either hybrid or multi bunch SR pulses), and probing is performed by time-delayed synchrotron radiation pulses. Time resolved XAS setup is OPEN TO USERS!

List of the technical specifications of the multispectroscopy endstation on the branch A.

 A SAMPLE-PREPARATION UHV chamber, directly connected to the Endstation A can be used to grow thin films of metals or metal oxides and deposit organic/inorganic molecules, hybrid systems or magnetic elements on solid surfaces.
A fast entry chamber for surface preparations (gas dosing up to 100 mbar and annealing) is also connected to the preparation chamber.
The fast entry can be connected to a UHV vacuum suitcase.

The BRANCH B is dedicated to XAS experiments at liquid/solid interfaces in operando conditions. Static and microfluidic electrochemical cells are available for in situ CV, electrodeposition and XAS in fluorescence (more details here).

List of the technical specifications of the endstation on the branch B.

The BRANCH C is available for the installation of user end-stations for long term projects

List of the technical specifications of the branch C.

The beamline is also available for the installation of user endstations for long term projects. 


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